TCM Access Consultants graphic text Stirling Castle


Project access consultancy by VisionSense. Full consultancy service, workingn with talented inclusive designers StudioArch, to provide alternative access to this important scheduled ancient monument. service included appraisal, audit and design review and consultancy overseeing the implementation of access, objects, displays and exhibirs to provide alternative accessibility to inaccessible areas of the castle.


TCM Access Consultants graphic text Museum of Liverpool


Project access consultancy by VisionSense.. Full consultancy service throughout the design and construction phases of this landmark development. Working closely with Liverpool Museums and several key gallery designers to provide design review, appraisal and consultancy on physical, sensory and intellectual access issues. Access consultancy requiring consistent review of access issues for disabled people relating to areas such as touch-screens & interactives, BSL and alternative format provision, graphics, reach, force and touch, gallery layout, navigation and manouevring space, colours, contrast & materials.


TCM Access Consultants graphic text Scottish National Portrait Gallery


Working with talented and inclusive designers StudioArch. Applying our skills and knowledge specifically to the signage and graphics at this important national gallery. Consulting with designers throughout the phases of the offer to monitor legibility, colour, contrast, language and symbols to endure that key access standards were met and the ultimate outcome was legible and inclusive for all visitors.