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Three Tuns Hotel

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TCM Access Consultants graphic text Experience

We have experience of providing access consultancy in all areas of the built environment. We have audited hotels and factories, schools and museums, swimming pools and country parks. Whatever the environment it can be made more accessible to disabled people.


TCM Access Consultants graphic text Residential

We have worked with architects, planners and developers to achieve a more inclusive housing standard for a variety of residential projects. As a qualified and respected auditing service our mandate is to ensure that a development achieves a required accessible specification, often in response to local authority or national planning stipulations. We apply standards such as Lifetime Homes, Wheelchair Housing and British Standards alongside the required Building Regulations.


TCM Access Consultants graphic text Technique

We have the neccessary soiftware, skills and experience to audit and plans in any format. Our access consultants can access and update CAD, DWG, PDF and other formats utilising accurate measuring tools, screen grabs and highlighting that ensures our clients are fully informed of any issues we identify.