Scottish National Portrait Gallery

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St Fagans National History Museum

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Eureka! National Childrens Museum

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Newcastle University Hatton Gallery

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We have experience of providing access consultancy in all areas of the built environment. We have audited hotels and factories, schools and museums, swimming pools and country parks. Whatever the environment it can be made more accessible to disabled people.


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We have extensive experience in the cultural sector. We have taken on the role of access champion throughout the design and construction of large HLF funded projects and have contributed access audit, reports, appraisals, audience development and consultation to numerous successful HLF funding applications.

Our skills stem from an experience and understanding of the cultural sector, it's audience and heritage and conservation issues. We have audited modern technological interactive exhibits and specialist galleries that conserve fragile exhibits. We look at alternative and inclusive access recommendations to prioritise clear physical, sensory and cognitive access improvements.


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We have the neccessary hardware, software, skills and experience to audit and appraise plans in any format. Our access consultants can access and update CAD, DWG, PDF and other formats utilising accurate measuring tools, screen grabs and highlighting that ensures our clients are fully informed of any issues we identify.