Building Regulations

Approved Document Part M provides the minimum standard of access for disabled people. Free building regulations guidance banner

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City, Urban and Street Environments

Free guidance to inform the inclusive design of street sand external urban environments, Urban, city and street guidance banner

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Exhibition and Display

Free guidance on dissbility access and inclusive design for museums, galleries, exhibition and display Free exhibition and display guidance banner

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Fire Evacuation & Emergency Egress

Free guidance on the design, management and equipment available for disabled people. Free evacuation and egress guidance banner

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Outdoors, Rural & Countryside

Free guidance relating to making the great outdoors accessible to disabled people..Free outdoors, rural guidance banner

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Projects and Planning

Free guidance on making your projects inclusive and planning for accessibility.Free projects and planning guidance banner

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Sports Facilities Leisure Centres and Stadia

Free guidance relating to sports facilities and inclusive participation and spectating.Free sports facilities guidance banner

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Travel and Transport

Free guidance on transport and transport infrastructure, airports, ships, bus and train stations.Free transport guidance banner

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TCM Access Consultants Guidance and Advice

At tcm acess consultants we are constantly updating our knowkedge with the latest guidance, thinking, trends and legislative requirements regarding access for disabled people. This inevitably leads to a huge collection of documents that we have used to inform our work and provide specialist information for particular environments. In order to encourage accessibility we have made this knowledge available on our website to anyone who needs it. All of the guidance documents can be found by clicking on the free guidance category links listed on this page

The disability access guidance we provide is all completely free to download and has been collected from various online sources. We hope that you find the available information as useful as we have and that you can use it to improve your own environment building or project to be more inclusive and accessible to disabled people.

If you find any of the document links unavailable or feel that a document should not be included as free guidance in our list please notify us and we will do our best to rectify any error.


Free guidance collage of covers