Access Audit

Assessment of an existing building, environment or service against best practice and legal obligations.

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Access Appraisal

Assessment of plans & drawings of an environment or service against best practice and legal obligations.

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Access Consultancy

Ongoing representation of accessibility to ensure compliance with best practice and legal obligations.

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Consultation and Engagement

Inclusive and accessible consultation that engages and involves disabled people

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TCM Access Consultants graphic text Access Appraisal

We have extensive experience in the cultural sector. We have taken on the role of access champion throughout the design and construction of large HLF funded projects and have contributed access audit, reports, appraisals, audience development and consultation to numerous successful HLF funding applications.

Our skills stem from an experience and understanding of the cultural sector, it's audience and heritage and conservation issues. We have audited modern technological interactive exhibits and specialist galleries that conserve fragile exhibits. We look at alternative and inclusive access recommendations to priorities clear physical, sensory and cognitive access improvements.

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TCM Access Consultants graphic text Access Consultancy

We have the necessary hardware, software, skills and experience to audit and appraise plans in any format. Our access consultants can access and update CAD, DWG, PDF and other formats utilizing accurate measuring tools, screen grabs and highlighting that ensures our clients are fully informed of any issues we identify.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail that cognitive, physical and sensory access issues are clearly identified and communicated to our clients with complete transparency.

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TCM Access Consultants graphic text Access Audit

Over the years TCM have audited numerous environments from hotels to housing, from car parks to castles, museums to mines, we have audited shops, churches, offices, museums, galleries, schools, colleges and country parks. Whatever the environment there are always improvements that can be made to improve access for disabled people.

Our access audits follow a spreadsheet based visual style that uses photographic and other evidence gathered from drawings, plans and site surveys. This evidence is prioritized in order of risk against meeting legal obligations under the Equality Act 2010 and improving to meet best practice standards such as BS8300.

TCM Access Consultants graphic text Consultation & Engagement

Consultation is an increasingly important part of any organizational change, funding application or inclusive project design. Good consultation engages and empowers people to inform and educate the decision making process through positive influence.

Consulting, engaging and empowering disabled people is where our expertise lies. We know how to deliver consultation events inclusively and how to communicate on behalf of our clients. Our clients are always surprised at the contribution disabled people make when they are given an equal opportunity to become involved.

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tcm access consultants text Research & Analysis

Our speciality is the built environment and the application of inclusive design. This ethos is supported by rhobust research and analysis that is utilised to support our findings and inform and support the position of our clients. We have often found that specific research and analysis relating to disability can be used to influence and support the decision making processes of our clients. With this in mind we have developed skills and knowledge in this important area that we can offer.

Statistical analysis, research and fact finding can all be offered specifically relating to and engaging with disabled people.